HNT – My 44th Half Nekkid Thursday is for Boris

Ξ April 9th, 2009 | → 15 Comments | ∇ half nekkid thursday |

I just realized that I skipped two weeks of HNT. Woops. With so much going on, with the running so hard, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that something had to give. Just wish it weren’t my brain!

In Atlanta on Sunday night I was sitting with a group full of people when I overheard my dear friend Kurt…errrr, I mean Boris…talking on his cell phone and telling someone that it was a sausage fest at the hospitality suite we were in. Now I realize a lot of folks think of me as one of the guys and all, and normally I appreciate that, but dammit I don’t have a sausage! To prove the point I grabbed the top of my tank top and yanked it down, showing an exaggerated view of my cleavage. I may or may not have jiggled my boobs at that point. And at several other points in time.

The next day on the trade show floor I was talking with Boris & T about the night before. Boris perked up and exclaimed, “I saw boobies!” Then he realized he only really saw more cleavage than usual and started to drag a bit. It was then that I giggled saying he had already seen nipple because we have been nakey in the same hot tub (no touching!) and that he has seen my breasts on my blog. He perked up again so I promised to post nipples for him as soon as I got the chance.

Today is my chance. These are for Boris, not forsythia. (hehe. That was bad, I know. Sue me.)


Same breast and forsythia…which do you prefer? for-boris-not-cynthia

Here, enjoy more images, Kurtie!


Same breast, slightly different angle. Which of these is better? for-boris-april-8

After work on Thursday I leave for Kentucky and the Maker’s Mark Mile. Last year we took photos that eventually became my first Half Naked Thursday. Who knows what will happen this year. Only thing I know is that it will be fun!