Don’t Do It

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Roasted red pepper hummus, boneless Buffalo chicken bites and plenty of Smithwick’s before bed most likely will bring on a bizarre dream and a nightmare.

Hilly and Dave2 were in the first one. Barack Obama, a friend’s dad, a few of my uncles, terrorists and one of my bestest male friends were in the second one. Also in the second one? Guns, a theater, New York City, McGyver style rigging of gas grill and alarm clock bombs, Hillary Clinton and pretty much the end of the world.

I am still kind of reeling from them both. Think I’ll go throw the ball for the dogs and try to scrub the images from my brain. At least my Steelers can take my brain away this afternoon…


Backyard Brawl

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The annual Pitt – WVU game will be played here in Pittsburgh at noon. I will have been tailgating and drinking since 7 or 8 AM. To stay warm, of course. Bourbon (Maker’s Mark, naturally) and ginger ale. Maybe some beer. Club level seats afford us the pleasure of continuing the boozefest during the game, even though usually one cannot purchase alcohol at a college game. I will be with incredible people and hopefully Pitt will pull out a win.

The funny thing is, as much as I want the home team to win, it doesn’t exactly matter. I mean, one of the best times I ever had at the Backyard Brawl was in 2006 and I can’t even tell you who won. That year my company purchased about 40 tickets and I had the pleasure of planning the tailgate.

Yes, I brought my gnome. And used glass, marble, crystal and (ready for it Britt?) Longaberger baskets. At home I don’t do a lot of entertaining, I tend to get invited too many places for me to have to bother with having folks here, so it was fun to not use plastic.

Guillermo actually turned out to be quite the hit with drunk people. And Pitt cheerleaders.

Those two WVU fans were with me. The one on the left, Steve, came all the way down from New York to hang out for the weekend and do the game. We had met through our jobs a few months previously, and were instant friends. I was looking forward to trying my hand at matchmaking by setting him up with a good friend, however I was shell shocked two months after this picture when I received a phone call telling me that he was killed in a car accident. Makes it easier in my head to always picture him happy and supporting his beloved Mountaineers.

The drunker I got, the more I wanted to take my picture with everyone I was with. First it was handing the camera over to someone else…

Until they were too drunk to be trusted…

After that it was me just holding the camera out and taking the traditional drunk Becky photos…

One of my favorite WVU fans:

That is Roger. Poor guy was so drunk he lost himself at the half. He went to smoke and simply walked out of the stadium and was unable to find his way back in. Just called his wife and said come pick me up. They live an hour away. As she approached Heinz Field she called and said, “OK, where are you?” All he could say was, “I am at the game.” His reply to wanting to know what his drunk ass was looking at was, “Heinz Field.” Hehe. She calmly told him to turn around and tell her what he saw. Eventually she found drunk boy. Miracle.

While we are on the subject of drunk people, I met these nice drunk guys who insisted on posing with me. Too funny.

Although I have to say, my favorite photo is me with the owner of my company. Gotta love a guy who lets his marketing queen get plowed with the company guests and then takes pictures of everything. Who doesn’t even mind if she is too drunk to take a decent photo.

This year the my company isn’t putting on the killer tailgate so I don’t have to be on “good” behavior. Not sure if the photos will be suitable for posting. Hell, not even sure I will take the camera. This game has fall down potential.

Enjoy your day after Thanksgiving. What do you have planned?


HNT – My 31st Half Nekkid Thursday Falls On Thanksgiving

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At first I wasn’t going to post a HNT shot today. I had planned on telling you how thankful I am that I have this little slice of the Internet pie, how grateful that I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing people such as yourself.

Then I started thinking about HNT in general. And ya know, I like doing it. I have fun with it. So I decided to post a request. Doesn’t look nearly a thing like the photo he sent me for inspiration, but after work I fed Cinderella a bit of chardonnay and handed her a camera in a coworker’s office and what did I expect?!??! Perhaps sometime I’ll get help in a better location. Someplace more comfortable than an office couch!

After some giggling,

we snapped a few quick photos.

Again, not what I wanted, but Cinderella, K and I had fun taking them. Considering our conversation, I have a feeling that Friday night’s party might lead to a few more guest HNT participants. :)

Not sure how many folks will still participate in HNT this week, but you can find them in the comments over where it all started.

Oh. For the record, I really am thankful for this blog, even for the people who find me by Googling “but grabbing and kissing games” or “farting ass little girl” or “jackie chan tattoo” or “people your parents warned you” or “butt grabbing pics” or even “home melt aluminum” (what are you people doing!). I have had the pleasure of meeting some tremendous people since I started this “hobby” and I will forever be grateful for the friends the Internet has given me.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving.


Feb. 2006

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One of my BFF’s at work loves her some Kenny Chesney. He does NOTHING for me, but I do like country music. Chris Cagle is on my Top Five list of famous people that I would like to know. Ya know, for a night. Trace Adkins sets my heart racing when he sings Chrome and I don’t even like long haired guys. Hell, my cell phone sings a Trace song when a text message comes in (Swing batter, batter!)

Back sometime in 2005 K asked me to go on a Country Cruise Getaway with her. Leave from Miami and cruise to the Bahamas where Kenny Chesney would put on a private concert for the 5,000 idiots who paid too much money for the cruise. This woman hates flying or boats or even not being the driver of a car. Totally needs to bev in control, which I am fine with, but how was she going to get on a plane to fly to get on a boat? Answer: the power of Kenny. And booze.

We did it. For her birthday in 2006 we were on a boat, floating around and drinking insane amounts of alcohol and getting totally fucking fried by the sun and acting like total fools.

Don’t cha know I just found some of her photos while looking for something else…

(Man, Chris Cagle was everything I wanted him to be. Except tall.)

Boys at the concert:

They actually had male strippers on the boat:

Oh my. Anyone wanna explain to me why I wasn’t a whore on that cruise? Hmmmm.

I can’t find any of the other pictures. Would love to have been able to show you the world’s smallest cabin and the cool tricks the cleaning folks did with towels and washcloths.

Anyhow, the snow is steadily falling outside and I am inside with warm memories.


1 AM And I Am Now Home From the Hospital

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All I wanted to post today was photos of my shorter hair. Instead you get an ordeal.

Monday at work was busy. All around good day where I actually accomplished plenty that needed to get done. I really only cried in the shower (I do all of my best thinking in the shower) and having plenty to do during the day was awesome. Because Aunt Kate had invited me over for dinner I didn’t stay too late at the office. Came home to take care of the dogs, then had to pick up Cousin Sarah a little before 6:30 so that we wouldn’t be late for dinner. That pregnant girl was hungry!

I pulled up in front of the house and threw the vehicle in park because I knew Sarah had to get pants on and all. Flipping through the radio stations I found a decent song and cranked up the volume, rocking out while I settled in to check out the 100 Twitter messages that had backed up. The internal light was on so that I could find the damn phone, plus it makes reading the screen easier to have a bit of light. It was difficult to see the man walking out towards Sarah’s house, but I caught a glimpse of his movement out of the corner of my eye. He seemed to slow and look at me, come towards me, step towards the house, step towards me again. Thinking it was Aunt Chris’ boyfriend, I rolled the window down. Without the reflection on the window it was easy to see the older man wasn’t Rick. My brain was racing and then his words registered. “She’s fallen.”

It only took a half a second for my eyes to focus on Sarah, laying on the ground in the cold rain. Pray, pray, pray. Pray to Jesus, pray that Mom puts in a good word to keep the baby healthy and not arriving on Mom’s birthday. As soon as I got to Sarah it was obvious the pain she was in. It seemed as though she was trying to keep her head up off the bottom step so I ran back to my vehicle and grabbed a soft blanket to place under her head. It quickly became obvious that there was no way Sarah could move. Her back pain was excruciating, but the baby seemed to be fine and she was breathing rather normally. The neighbor grabbed a huge golf umbrella. Aunt Chris came out with a few heavy blankets while I called 911 for the ambulance. Those three brand new wooden steps were incredibly slick in the rain so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to see Aunt Chris flying off the porch, twisting in the air and landing in the grass away from Sarah. Lemme tell you, my jaw dropped when Chris connected with the ground.

It is now that I should point out that I am officially an adult because I was able to keep my cool and talk to the 911 operator without peeing my pants laughing. A pregnant woman falling down is nowhere near funny, but her mom stair diving? Hysterically funny.

Yet I kept my cool and told the 911 the address, my name, Sarah’s name, that she was pregnant (due December 25th, you do the math as to how far along she is), her birthday (August 17th and she is 21, you do the math), what happened, her position, etc. I held the umbrella and talked to Sarah and tried to do the right things like making sure we had dry clothing and her insurance card to take with us to the hospital.

Once Sarah was safe in the ambulance I threw all of the necessities into my vehicle and took off racing for the hospital. Called Aunt Kate to tell her we wouldn’t be over for dinner. And that is exactly where my brain stopped. I had to ask for directions to the hospital. The hospital where I was born. Where everyone I know was born and where they have their babies. My brain was done being an adult and I needed directions. Kate calmly said, “Just jump on the parkway and take the” when I interrupted her.

“But how do I get to the parkway?”

Yeah, brain dead. I was like maybe four minutes from the parkway. Insanely easy to get there. And yet I couldn’t think of the fastest way.

Somehow I managed to find the fastest way because I beat the ambulance to the hospital. Gave them all her information before she even arrived.

X-ray showed her back was in the correct position and shape and all. The contractions that started took us upstairs to the labor people. Hours and hours of monitoring & a few not fun exams before they finally let her go. At almost midnight. Healthy, albeit in a bunch of pain, we got sprung from the joint. Yay!

So, as I was saying, all I wanted to post about today was the fact that Sunday my Cousin Kathie gave me whatever haircut she wanted. Turns out she just wanted to whack about five inches off of my hair. Here’s me.

Now I am going to bed. Coz as you can tell from these photos, I am exhausted!


Getting Through Today

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I am not one for wishing away the days. As sappy as it sounds, I really am one of those “enjoy every moment” kind of people. Yet Monday I will be doing my best to concentrate on my busy work day and look forward to my dinner with family (Cousin Sarah will join me at our aunt and uncle’s house) so that I don’t have to be alone with my thoughts.

As much as I love birthdays, I can’t be happy because Mom isn’t here for me to fuss over. The vice on my heart as midnight approaches can be pushed down and tucked away when I have a lot to concentrate on. But is that coping? Is that dealing with reality?

No. No, it is not.

And I am ok with that. For now it is exactly what I need. So I will wish that Monday passes quickly. I will pray that snow will fall and I can focus on the beauty of the day instead of the ache inside and the nagging question of whether or not I am normal or just a great big baby for wanting to curl up in a ball and cry.

I don’t feel so strong.



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Today is Aunt Tinkle Tom Tom’s birthday. I’m so thankful she is in my life. The youngest of the nine kids, she has a unique outlook on the world. One of my favorite things about her is that she has always been open and honest with me, not treating me like a kid even when I was one. No subject was off limits.

Thanks, Aunt Chris, for always being there for me. Thank you for tackling any and everything I have brought to you…boys, alcohol, drugs, sibling relationships, marriage, divorce, school, death, food, sex, frustrations and pure joy. Thank you for being a terrific travel companion who even held my hand when I got my very first tattoo.

Thank you for being an incredibly strong woman. Thank you for being you. I am so very glad you were born.

And I am looking forward to celebrating you.


Stopped In My Tracks

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It was pretty damn cold today…maybe 28 degrees or so…and I was walking with a smile on my face. The vehicle was in the parking garage, close to the elevator, and I was only two blocks from the restaurant where our gang had already gathered for lunch before the movie. I love the cold, was about to feed my hungry self and then head to see Twilight with friends. Happy, happy girl.

There was still some snow and ice on the sidewalk so this not graceful girl was watching her feet while stepping from the street onto the sidewalk. I looked up to get my bearings and felt the breath leave my body as though I had been punched in the gut. Red winter jacket, just like Mom’s. Short and shiny silver hair, just like Mom’s. Smile, just like Mom’s. But not Mom.

I couldn’t move. Just stood, unable to even draw a breath, in the middle of the sidewalk like an idiot. Somehow I managed not to let the water which instantly pooled in my eyes fall.

It is just that I really miss my Mudder. And her birthday is Monday. How am I ever going to get through the damn day?


Light It Up

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Tonight is light up night.  Me loves Pittsburgh in the winter. (Ok, I love it all the time, but still.)

I am toying with the idea of going downtown to see the City all dressed up. Might even go ice skating in the snow.

Nothing like skating with a huge glass castle surrounding you.

Saturday a gaggle of us are headed to see Twilight. Cinderella is in love with Edward so watching her reaction at the flick should be interesting. Personally, I think the movie is going to disappoint me desperately. My imagination is much better than any Hollywood creation. Regardless, I am still excited to see what they put out.

Later Saturday evening I plan to see my first live roller derby bout. I can only imagine how insane this should be. Hope they sell beer.

Sunday I am getting my hair cut. Any suggestions regarding style are welcome. Right now I have only one long layer and most of my hair falls to my lower back. Curly can’t be helped. Red is staying. All I am asking is what should I do from a cut perspective. Suggestions?

After the haircut I head to Aunt Tinkle Tom Tom’s birthday party. Yaaaay for her being born!! Love that woman so very much. Should be a blast…great food, terrific people, cold beverages. Wahoooooooooooo! (pictures will follow next week)

So, you have any fun plans for the weekend before Thanksgiving?

P.S. I have no clue who took the photos displayed here. Hope the photographer doesn’t mind, but email me if there is an issue. I would be happy to give credit where credit is due!


HNT – My 30th Half Nekkid Thursday Post

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I had been out of the office, working yet another trade show, when I exhaustedly returned. Hell, I don’t even know if exhaustedly is a word, but I was terribly tired. All that drinking and fun having and working takes a lot outta a girl!

Anyhow, I return to find a stack of papers and mail at my desk, plus an envelope with no writing on the front. The card had to be from my work BFF, our company’s first employee who worked her way up from a secretary’s certificate to a Masters in Business. The woman is brilliant and also has an awesome sense of humor. Apparently she missed me…teehee.

OH! She also was amazed at how swollen her breasts had gotten due to the fact that she was about to be VERY female and all, so she emailed me a photo from her cell phone in her office.

Welllllllllllll, hello nurse!

Gotta love guests for Half Nekkid Thursday! Way cool. Which reminds me, I should also share with you another guest. Sunday at the Steelers game Cinderella (my other work BFF) and I met a bunch of guys who were so much fun to party with. I told a few of them about HNT and one of the guys wanted to participate in HNT. It cracks me up the number of people who are so open and eager to join the fun! Without further ramblings, here is a photo without a name attached…simply because drunk girl can’t remember it. (Sorry!)

Then of course there is me. And my eyebrows. (Yes, I still have eyebrows, even after Britt and Hilly got to me with hot wax!)

No complaints in the comments, either…that photo totally counts as a HNT photo, if only for the reason that it was fucking cold outside and I should have been wearing a ski mask! :)



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