Night and Day

Ξ October 14th, 2008 | → 13 Comments | ∇ mostly photos |

Trying to play with my camera and take sunset photos…didn’t turn out so well.

Neither did trying to capture the row of changing trees while driving and holding the camera out the truck’s window this morning.

I need a new camera. Or to find someone who can use this one since I obviously can’t. :)



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I have over 400 posts in the ole feed reader. Things have been incredibly crazy with work so I got waaaay behind on reading “my blogs” and I hate it. Miss you guys. Just don’t see myself getting caught up any time soon. Might have to hit the famous panic button and mark all as read. Don’t like feeling so out of touch with yinz. Good news is I am almost over my cold / flu / bug nastiness. While I am not healthy, I can see it from here.

Also? Fall is here big time. 80 degrees during the day, barely over 50 at night. Oh how I love it. The trees are getting all dressed up before they go to sleep for the winter and the drive into work every day is a pleasure as a result. This weekend I might go up to camp again. Take Reilly and enjoy a good bonfire. Plan to take a day or two off from work next week and head to the barn for lots of horseback riding. At some point I need to put together the costume I need for Adam’s party and then BAM, next thing I know I will be on a plane headed for Orlando. Back home in time to vote, then headed to South Carolina for the final trade show of the year. Me love Charleston. Hope to hit the Noisy Oyster and other fun places. Wanna see the sites. Wanna play. Yay! (Then back to work for the year end push. Boooo.)

In other news, Penguins take on Philly tonight here at home. Should be interesting seeing as how the boys seemed pregnant Saturday night (missed a period or two).

Go Pens!