Vegas for the Win

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I am not a gambler. The last few posts talked about me playing cards with the boys, but that laughing and talking with friends while drinking and playing cards is so very different than sitting with a bunch of strangers in a dark, smoky casino. HATE casinos.

Yet here I am in a spectacular hotel/ casino in Vegas. They make me feel like a princess by picking me up in a limo, with my pretty room and gorgeous surroundings and especially by marking everything with a B for Becky.

On my robe:

On the butter patties:

On the syrup bottles:

How cool was that of them to know I was coming and arrange for all the B logos? Sa-weet!

Honestly though, this place is stunning. Wish I were a better photographer or had a better camera or something, because there is so many phenomenal subjects, just begging to be photographed.

Yep, that is Dale Chihuly glass. And it is everywhere.

Interesting characters are all around, no matter where I look.

Anyone believe in ghosts? That those little orbs you see in pictures sometimes might be ghosts? I took a few photos of my room, using different settings on my camera. Yes, I was trying to become a better photographer. No, it didn’t work. BUT, the same shot using two different settings gave me an orb in one and not the other photo. Does that mean ghosts only show up on certain settings? Or that they aren’t ghosts? (Orb is on the far left, near the vases.)

My room overlooks the pools and gardens…

…and the mountains.

My coworker, who you may know as FMV 10″ Cap from his comments here, is unbelievably awesome to travel with. We work very well together. After all the rushing around to even get ourselves to Vegas, we decided to treat ourselves to a tasty and reasonably priced dinner. Yummm!

(my seared tuna)

(FMV’s salmon)

(steak w/roasted garlic for FMV’s brother)

The comfy ride to the hotel took us past a place that I had to photograph for Dave:

While I might not be a gambler, I am certain to have a great time here. This city has so much to offer. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to see “O” and will probably pass out from sheer joy if I do score tickets. The trade show I am here for lasts eight hours a day so I’ll be physically drained, but this trip should still be fun.

The first time I was in Vegas I was deathly ill. Yet it was that year that I met people who have made a tremendous impact on my life. And it was without a doubt the best time I will ever have in this city. ;)