HNT – My 21st Half Nekkid Thursday is Better Late Than Never, Right?

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Fucking electric company took my street down in an effort to get folks without power since Sunday evening back up. A little warning would have been nice, but I can appreciate that those with no electricity since Sunday really might like a hot shower so I am trying to not be angry. No use getting an ulcer over something I can’t control, right? Besides, at least I got to watch the Steelers win on Sunday night. Yay!

You folks, though. Whew! You want your boob shots at any cost! I received emails, comments and IM’s that prove that you are a demanding bunch. And kinda whacked. For some strange reason, I appreciate those things about you.

Regardless, I had no time to get you new images, and I am sitting here at the bagel joint on my lunch hour, pulling these photos from the deep recesses of my lappytop. Hope I haven’t posted them before.

Happy HNT!

(Me at my desk a few months ago.)

From back in June, one wild night in Orlando:

(You know I hate feet…took everything I had not to freak here when her feet touched my chest.)

(I took the photos of these two ladies, so that counts, right?)

(Only wrong thing is, this is one of my bosses.)

P.S. Some of you didn’t realize that the guy who “runs” HNT asks that participants leave a comment on his site saying that their images are up for viewing. Some very gorgeous and talented photographers out there. Go check em out. Enjoy!!


Dark and Quiet

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Arriving home slightly late, I was frustrated that my garage door opener’s batteries must have died because no amount of whacking it on my hand or the steering wheel would open the damn garage. Went across the street to hot bald neighbor and asked him if he knew what kind of battery it took and how to open puzzle, when he said, “You need power.”

“No shit.”

“No, I meant that we have no electricity.”

So not cool, people. Our street and area survived Sunday’s storms, but without warning on a spectacular sunny day my power is gone? Sigh.

calling the electric company a bunch of unflattering names made me feel better, then I Bowled a bunch at the league before stopping at Aunt Tom Tom’s to get her keys so that tomorrow I can shower in hot water.

So no HNT for now. And almost no internet now coz the battery is almost dead.

For now I am enjoying the sounds of the evening and the way my living room looks by the light of the lappy top. I am tired, though. More soon. Until then, some sleep…