Living History

Ξ August 12th, 2008 | → 9 Comments | ∇ opinions |

This blogging thing is pretty damn amazing. I have been fortunate enough to “meet” folks from all over the country and even a few outside of the USA. Really interesting people with so much to share…knowledge, support, encouragement, kindness and more. TequilaCon and BrittCon even provided me with the opportunity to put skin on some of these new friends. While I have never had a problem meeting people and making friends, my life is better because of the new Internet people in it. Whether they open their homes and share their kids with me, drop me an email when I am having a bad day, offer me a porch for sipping margaritas or send me a coupon for shopping, these new friends touch my life every bit as much as the friends I have here in Pittsburgh.

Back in the fall of 2007, close to the beginning of Shreve’s Daily Coyote, I happened upon a link to the site and immediately fell in love. I purchased a calendar and several prints, plus joined the email list. Just fell in love with the photography, the writing and the subjects.

The other day Shreve, via Twitter, sent out a message that her grandmother had started a blog. Her grandmother who just so happens to be 90 years old. She is quite the pistol. And I am in love.

If you never got the chance to sit with your grandparents and hear the story of when they first arrived in the United States, if you love history, if you enjoy catching blogs from their inception, do yourself a favor and head to Shreve’s Gram’s site. To date there are less than 15 easy reading posts up and they are so well worth the time. She certainly has me wanting more.

Sven is the first half of my maiden name and Sto is the first half of my married name. Voila, a mysterious foreign sounding name was just what I had searched for.