HNT – My 14th Half Nekkid Thursday Post

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Oh my fuck, the fact that today is Thursday completely escaped me. Woops. Ok, so I just took this here at my desk. No giving me shit about two posts in one day and no commenting on the fact that I am wearing essentially a wife beater to the office, m’kay?

And the other day, on my way home from work:

(Can’t believe I forgot to take pictures…that I forgot that today is even Thursday. Good news though, tomorrow is Friday! Mmmmm, I am thirsty already.)

If you have a moment, head to where it all started and check out the other HNT participants…


To Each Their Own

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved just about all things sexual. Any time, any place. His hand or my own. Watching others on video or live. And print. Oh, how I love the photos.

Certainly I never thought I was some sexual pervert or nymphomaniac. Although listening to a good friend tell how she never fantasizes about anyone other than her husband, how she has never masturbated, how she is only aroused with a partner…well, it got me to wondering if there was something wrong with me because our views were so drastically different.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that Britt is so firm in her beliefs and feelings, even if they don’t mirror my own. I love that Adam can say so many things that I consider over the top. Especially when they talk porn! (Should you need the show page, you can find it HERE. And somehow they manage to stay on topic! If you aren’t listening to “Clearly You’re Retarded” you are missing out.)

Then Hilly wrote before speaking. And all was right with the world. Because she spoke for me as though she was my clone or she could hear my thoughts.

The record should show that when it comes to sex I don’t need validation from friends. Yet for some reason Wednesday evening I loved reading what Hilly had to say on the topic of porn specifically and sex in general.

If there was ever a day for girl blog crushing, today would be that day for me. Hilly is so outspoken about so many things, which I have always loved. That topic though? I am the tree, she is the Lorax. And she speaks for me. It is so nice not to have to waive my freak flag for once. Waive it high, Hilly!