Well That Was Fun

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I had a good Friday and Saturday. Even though I didn’t really feel like me, I was just so damn tired from the insane work week, it was still good fun. Ran all over Pittsburgh, playing tour guide Becky. So much to see, not enough time to do it.

What a Knight Princess Narf

At least we got to feel like royalty.


Today is Great Aunt Lil’s birthday party. She is 88 years old. And a funny, funny lady. Even when she doesn’t mean to be. I just love her and squeeze her as often as possible. For a woman over 80, I am always surprised by how well Aunt Lil gets around. Every year we catch a baseball game together and the woman is quick…moving through the crowd to get to her seat…not wanting to miss a moment of the action. I am grateful that her mind and body have not yet failed her.

I am loving that we get to celebrate Aunt Lil today. Should help to make this gorgeous Sunday uplifting.

great seats with great aunt lil